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Our History

HolistiCare began as a new beginning and promise of bringing a unique type of hospice care to all the areas they were to service. From staff to finding a name, everything was meticulously done to achieve the goal of becoming the best hospice with first-class care for its patients.

The staff was chosen of disciplines with many years of hospice experience, unique therapeutic skills, many locales and environments of hospice service, which brought different perspectives of care, and above all, people with a true hospice heart. Since then, these wonderful caregivers have provided the great uniqueness of care HolistiCare initially set out to administer as an organization.

Our reach to help stretches beyond our patients and families, as we work with and for our Veteran population, local institutions of education and nursing homes, and help with social issues to improve our communities, locally and worldwide. We believe we are affected by the world we live in, and in return, we should help affect change in that world as well.

The ultimate aim is to be a positive symbol of what hospices should be, and be a leader in the field of hospice care. We will continue to explore new methodologies to better care for our patients, partnering with others for collaboration to provide great service in strong numbers, while giving the citizens who are eligible and in need confidence in hospice and HolistiCare of America.

HolistiCare of America is here for ``the whole you``

When most people make the emotional decision to begin hospice services, they are supported by a caring network of family and friends: a group we designate as ``the entire you.``

While we are committed to serve and provide comfort care to those people living with an advanced or life-limiting illness. It is our belief that everyone comes to us having earned our honor of assisting each citizen towards the best quality of life possible, and living their life with dignity and respect, our support extends equally to all individuals involved in this hospice journey.

HolistiCare of America meets the responsibility of providing excellent quality care to our patients and families by employing a team of highly skilled, compassionate caregivers. These selfless professionals will support and assist all individuals throughout their entire time in our care, assuring a ``lifetime of caring.``

The Team

Medical Director
Registered Nurses
Home Health Aides
Medical Social Worker
Music Therapist
Family & Friends

Our Team

Our team has over 20 years of combined experience providing comfort, care, and support for patients from all walks of life.